About Selmatic Ltd.

We develop software products from class ERP

We deliver inovative applications that entirely correspond to the local legislation and economic infrastructure. We develop  our SelMatic products for 14 years now as we answer the real business requierments and implement the Bulgarian entrepreneurs ideas.

We are your reliable business software supplier because we follow established and proven in practice principles when implementing ERP systems.


We save you up time an money as we make preliminary audit of the business processes in your organization. We develop a project for ERP implementation. In that way you have a vision for all significant parameters. You have at your disposal objective criteria to decide to what extent the suggested system corresponds to your requirements and your specific business processes.


We work on a project principle 

We develop a project for implementation of SelMatic Plus system together with you, define realization of each stage schedule as we asses the commitment of each project participant. The effect is a successful and timely closure of the project without  stress and burden for you team.

We are testing the suitability of the implemented applications and their correct functioning in your business structures. We are conducting monitoring over the already implemented solutions and we pledge to provide a working system.

We keep active business relationship with our customers as we inform them for new releases of our software products, for tendencies in the progress of business software systems.

We provide support for the SelMatic software solutions. We support unified call center for a maximum customer convenience, as for answers regarding working with the applications, as well as for a technical support. We provide well-timed and adequate support for all of our customers by means of online system accessno matter of their location.


We perform outsourcing of IT services

We build and support the entire IT infrastructure. Consulting for choosing appropriate hardware and periphery. Complete software and hardware support of computer configurations.