Here are some of the clients of SelMatic`s ERP software:



Trade chains


Germanos Telecom Bulgaria

Germanos group owns more than 700 stores in four European states and is leader in telecommunication products and services retail in Eastern Europe.
With its 138 stores in 76 cities and towns and over 900 employees in Bulgaria, GERMANOS is the largest store chain for telecommunication products and services within the country. The company generates a huge amount of information every day. That`s why the IT department should analyze the operative processes continuously and to implement the most modern technologies.

Germanos Telecom Macedonia


After the successful implementation of SelMatic POS in Germanos Bulgaria, the Bulgarian software system was chosen for the Macedonian telecom retailer Germanos. 

The information for the condition of the organization and for each of its locations separately or as a group of locations, allows to the regional and zonal managers to execute their goals and to optimize the goods movement.

The use of the adaptive solution of SelMatic ensures the rapidness of the work in the retail locations.The program is adapted in Macedonian language as SelMatic POS is entirely consistent with the current Macedonian law.



Leading telecommunication services and products provider in Bulgaria.

In August 2005, 100% of the company shares were purchased by Cosmote Group – a major player on the telecommunication markets of Greece, Romania, Albania and Macedonia. In spring 2006, the company changed its corporate identity in order to reflect the change in ownership and mark a new stage in its development - as an operator within the Cosmote Group, at present part of Telenor Group.

The company has developed a wide distribution network. GLOBUL offers products and services in over 430 points of sale throughout the whole country. Official GLOBUL representatives are Germanos, GlobalNet and Internity. The company possesses a network of 145 brand stores. 


Multirama Bulgaria Ltd.


In July 2010 the biggest specialized computer, computer products and IT chain stores on the Bulgarian market Multirama choose to work with SelMatic`s software solutions. It has 10 stores in the biggest cities in Bulgaria.

As a result of the gained experience of integration of SelMatic POS with big ERP systems, servicing chain stores an interface with the ERP system Atlantis was developed.

That was the backend ERP that Multirama used for its stores and that was the serial successful project of integration of SelMatic with big ERP system.SelMatic was integrated with the BI platform QlickView and also there was developed integration with the online shop of Multirama Ltd.



SEXWELL is the most developed trade chain of sex shops in Bulgaria and it exists more than 18 years. The number of the trade locations at the surrent moment is more than 20 in the whole country – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas and others. The company delivers a wide range of products from leading brands such as: BACI, ORION, FUN FACTORY, LEG AVENUE, STUD 100, JOYDIVISION, ELECTRIC LINGERIE etc..

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2be and Fonbox BULGARIA


In 2007 Kimimpex trade and leasing choose SelMatic` s software system for its retail chains 2be and Fonbox which dealt with telecom products and operated with two of the telecom operators Globul and Germanos.


2be Mobile Macedonia

After the successful implementation of SelMatic POS in 2be and Fonbox Bulgaria, the Bulgarian software system was chosen for the Macedonian telecom products retailer 2be. 

The program is adapted in Macedonian language as SelMatic POS is entirely consistent with the current Macedonian law.


Public Bulgaria

Public world Founded by Germanosin 2005, its main business is retail with hi-tech, mobile phones, computer games, books and magazines.

In 2009 Public choose SelMatic for managing its retail business.


ONE Telekomunikaciski uslugi AD 


ONE is a telecommunication operator in Macedonia, the first operator in the country with a complete offer of telecommunications services and a member of the powerful Telekom Slovenia Group, one of the most successful groups in Southeast Europe, with subsidiaries in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania as well as 50% ownership in the national operator in Gibraltar, Gibtelecom.

As of November 11, 2009 the renowned telecommunications company COSMOFON and the internet provider operate under the name One. That launch the new brand ONE.
The network of ONE covers 99,9% of the population and 98,17% of the territory of the Republic of Macedonia with quality signal.


Dekomerce, Dekom trade chain



Dekom trade chain has two locations in Plovdiv and also a online shop for computers, electronics, LCD TV, HI-FI, MP3 players, laptops etc.

Dekom`s customers receive 5% discount when shopping online. The chain opened new own trade center in Plovdiv for trade stores and offices.


Fashion forever, 4me stores


4me is a Bulgarian company established to offer modern, practical, casual and official women clothes on reasonable prices. Their own store chain at the moment number 51 stores in the country where the customers are well and profesionally served.

4me offers quality, variety and comfort clothes.


DIVA Bulgaria


Diva Bulgaria is a chain stores for modern imitation of jewellery, part of the Diva family with over 200 stores around the world

Company`s motto is "Customer always comes first". The company aims to become leader in the Bulgarian market with its quality products and high leveled service - diva is the jewellery brand, that gives comfort to every modern woman.


Паркет и ламинат от Паркетен СвятParquet world

Parquet and laminate from Parquete world

Parquet World's leading chain of natural and laminate with stores and distributors in many cities in Bulgaria and Macedonia.

Their parquets are with proven quality and its laminate is imported only from high quality European suppliers such as Egger, Parador, Tarkett etc..In the shop customers can find a wide variety of laminate flooring , parquet , exotic and engineered wood , laminate pad , window sills , moldings , flooring adhesive, paints and many other miscellaneous supplies


Office consumables


Office consumables is a innovative company, that offers "Individual office solutions". In the stores with trade mark "OK Office", you can buy: stationery, office furniture, office technics and consumables, bags and other business accessories, cleaning resources etc., with free delivery up to 24 hours.

The company has wharehouses in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Chirpan, Samokov, Popovo, Razgrad and Targovishte.


Construction markets and stores 


Onior Ltd.


Onior is established in 1993. The company trades with electrical materials, construction products, paints, chemicals, crapes, casing etc. Tha company has construction chain stores in Sliven with 2 000 m2 covered trade area.


Krez Ltd.


The company owns two hypermarkets in Pazardjik: Hypermarket Krez and Stroimarket KREZ.

Hypermarket KREZ is a revolutionaly model of modern shopping. The unique vision and variety of well known brands and products will transform Your shopping into interesting experience. 




Търговски центрове Уницем включват четири търговски обекта в гр. София и един в гр. Бургас. Хипермаркетите предлагат продуктово разнообразие от строителни материали, ВиК части, санитария, железария, инструменти и всичко необходимо, както за професионалисти в строителството, така и за домашни майстори. Компанията има собствена фабрика за производство на стиропор, EPS-F топлоизолация за фасади с различна плътност и дебелина. Предлага услуги по полагане на топлоизолационни системи.


Vasmar Ltd.


Vasmar trades with construction materials. The company has wharehouse and showroom in Kardzali. It is distributor of leading brands such as KNAUF, YTONG, ТЕРАЗИД etc..


SPS Commerce Ltd.


SPS Commerce Ltd. is established in 1990 with main activities in the field of trade and services. 

The company owns locations in Karlovo, Plovdiv and Banya. 

SPS Commerce trades with construction materials, construction machanisation, transport and logistics, service activity.

Taushanovi co.

Taushanovi is a leading supplier of construction materials for Velingrad and the region.

In its trade location the company offers wide range of products for construction and repair, home accessories, garden products, wooden consumables etc.

Taushanovi also offer additional services as delivery, paint mixing, wood and charcoil for heating.

Arma group


Arma group is a direct distributor of leading companies in the field of construction products, such as Baumit Ltd., Vulcan cement AD etc.

Wide variety of products for construction and repairing are offered in company`s trade location in Kalekovec. The company also offers additional services for delivery, unloading with crane and others.




Chain stores Bagira has 4 hypermarkets in Stara Zagora and Kazanlak.

The chain offers over 20 product lines as agrocultural technics and watering; electro and hand tools; compressors; generators and construction technics; laminate; framing; electrical devices and lighting; paints; gifts area; hunting and fishing accessories etc.




KAM 04

Company`s main activity is wholesale with fasteners: screws, bolts, nuts, rods, plugs, anchors, washers, drills, tools and others . The company directly imports the above articles from China, Taiwan, Vietnam , India and Europe. All of the articles are certified according to quality standard ISO 9001:2000.

 The company has its own wharehouse with over 2 750 sq.m.  КАМ-04 has registered its own brand with trade mark КАМFIX, under which is selling its goods.



Rad Mar is established in Dobrich and its main activity is trading with fruits and vegetables. The company has its own bio walnut and bio hazelnut plantations, producer and importer of fruits and vegetables.

The company also trades with milk products. Its newest project are chain stores

"Once upon a time...", that are specialized in selling traditional Bulgarian milk products and quality selection of Bulgarian wines.

Verdico distribution services Ltd.


Verdico started out in 1997 as a coffee supplier and dealer of soluble milk and chocolate drinks manufactured by AM Foods K/S, Sweden. 15 years on, it is now a leading supplier of products, services and complex solutions for office coffee services and vending machines.

Working in partnership with leading European suppliers of vending products such as Luigi Lavazza, Rhea Vendors, Comestro Group, Barry Callebaut and SEDA Solubles, the company is a supplier and partner to more than 800 companies operating over 6000 vending machines in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Ukraine and Georgia.




Viva Ltd is a Bulgarian company established in the year 1997. It is main activity is import and assembling of products for lighting and their distribution on the Bulgarian market. Today 13 years after the establishment Viva Ltd is a well known and one of the leading and favoured supplier in the sphere of lighting in Bulgaria.

The main objective for Viva Ltd is creating, producing and distributing high quality products that are non hazardous and easy to handle at reasonable market price. That is achieved by the use of high quality components manufactured and supplied for the company by its partners abroad. 

In 2007 with the purpose of raising the level of management, organization and process optimization in Viva Ltd the company initiated the establishment of Quality management system ISO 9001:2000 approved by LRQA certificate.


Aliana - Vasil Zahariev


The brand name ROXYMA DREAM for bed-linen was created in 2007 by Aliana Co. – Vasil Zahariev. In a short period of time, the brand earns the trust of its clients and establishes itself on the Bulgarian market as bed-linen of a very high quality and luxury standards.
The modern machinery, the use of harmless fabrics and the highly qualified team are in the base of all the manufactured products for a healthy and fulfilled sleep. 


Native distribution Ltd.


The company entered the Bulgarian market on March 2009 with the distribution of French high quality breads, bread products, pastry, catering plates, ice cream and side dishes. Their products are proved to be the best on the market as the easy baking process can guarantee their constant quality. Selected flours without additives the company uses to provide the authentic pleasure of the production. The sophisticated baking process provides fresh and crispy bread and croissants from frozen products.

The company`s team has international and local experience to serve the best way their clients and also the strong motivation to develop the market together.

Made in France with French raw materials and highly automated processes will give you a constant high quality. The company`s partners’ factories meet the highest standards of quality in food industry.


G systems engineering Ltd.

The company’s founded in Sliven, Bulgaria in 2007. The director Alain Gressly is a technical designer, who is extremely skillful and highly valued. He has worked in this specific field for more than 20 years as a technical designer in a Swiss company and then as a director of G.S.E. 

The company`s products are used for installations which humidify, heat and change the air in special premises. They are produced using high technology, the application of which is constantly increasing.



Doralex trades with spices, soups, diet food, packaging, preserved food, electric bulbs etc.

Its assortment includes soluble drinks, hot drinks, tea, juices etc. The company also offers home accessories.


LT Estate Ltd.

LT Estate Ltd. trades with construction products and it has wharehouse and trade location in Gorna Oryahovica.

The successful implementation of that customer was made entirely online through remote access of instalation and setting of SelMatic`s software product as well as online training and support.

Parko Ltd.


Parko Ltd. is established in 1990 in Varna. The company operates in North East Bulgaria and sells parfumery, cosmetics, of life chemistry - cleaning and soap powder, consumables etc.

The company opens second distribution center in Bourgas in 2011 with operating perimeter in South East Bulgaria.




WMF Bulgaria Ltd.

WMF Bulgaria is a representative of the world wide famous German brand WMF for high quality food furniture, functional utensils and cooking furniture, home accessories.

The company`s store in Sofia Outlet center offer wide variety of home accessories and cooking furniture as well as delivery from the original German catalogue.

MAG - R - Nikolai Nikolov

The company is created in 1991 as a compay for seed production and trade.

Mag-R trades also with preparations for agriculture in its shop in Plovdiv.

The company has distribution network in the entire country. Mag-R also makes agro consulting.


Vivena Ltd.


Vivena Ltd. works in the field of healthy and natural food and way of life, the company offers bioproducts (organic), specialized diabetic fods and a large variety of nourishing food. The company`s trade chain "Road to health" has 5 locations. 


Prisma S Ltd.


PRISMA LTD was founded in 1998. in Varna. The company was founded with the idea to offer its customers lighting solutions, as a finished product - from design to installation.The product quality is ensured by the quality of the materials supplied by its partners - industry leaders.

PRISMA - ES Ltd. specializes in the design and implementation of faҫade and architectural lighting.
The illuminated significant public buildings and monuments in Varna, Sofia, Sliven, Silistra, Tryavna, Bansko, Shumen, Pomorie, Pazardjik, Haskovo and Dobrich are examples of its activities. The company designs and implements interior lighting of buildings, shops, offices, hotels, restaurants and clubs, it also builds fancy lighting and audio equipment for clubs and discos. 

A significant share of the company activities covers the logistics of sound , light and effects at concerts, competitions and other stage performances.

PRISMA -ES Ltd is the first company in Bulgaria, which designs and installs Christmas illumination in urban conditions according to the world standards for safety and quality. 




EKIP develops high quality, custom frames. Retail and wholesale with profiles and frames, photo albums, mirrors, drawings and art. The company works with over 35 artists from the entire country as it frames and distributes their paintings through its distribution network in over 60 art galleries and art shops in Bulgaria. EKIP is a leading company in the photo album distribution and exclusive representative of Poldom for Bulgaria. The company makes interior and design.




Sofi French Bakery is the first original French bakery chain in BG, transferring the traditional French atmosphere and authentic quality of the French bread and viennoiserie products.

SOFI prepares for its customers high quality products following original recipes that are made using natural French raw materials, and are freshly baked on the spot.

All products offered by their bakers are prepared according to the same high standards that have made French bread so famous all over the world. The company is attracting its customers with an intriguing range of bread including traditional baguettes, specialty bread from different regions of France, rye bread, whole meal bread.



Stella Tours

Stella Tours is a full service travel management company with 20 years of experience, specializing in corporate and leisure travel planning . Established by travel professionals as a “boutique” tour-operator based in Sofia , Stella Tours has grown to be an all-travel management company, covering numerous destinations in Bulgaria and around the world.




We are a leading supplier of Software, Data capture and Geographical Information services to local and national government, utilities and the private sector. Formed in 1995 Mallon Technology was quickly established as a leader in the GIS market after winning a major contract with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Ireland.

SelMatic`s highly qualified specialists were included in development of the leading software product Diamon fire and also in programmin different modules assigned by MALLON.



Balkan Tour Box


BALKAN TOURBOX Ltd. is a Tourist agency, offering its now numerous clients complete service, in the sphere of tourist and transportation services, as well as the sector’s accompanying insurance, legal, and consulting activities. You could easily reserve place reservations with us for airline tickets, rooms in over 160 thousand hotels the world over, vacation in Greece, vacation in Turkey, vacation in Bulgaria, vacation in Croatia, vacation in Montenegro, trips abroad, cruises, conference events.