ERP Implementation 

All activities concerning SelMatic’s software solutions implementation are held as a project.

Duringpre-consulting stage our consultants aim to detect client’s requirements to the future ERP system, estimate and represent the optimization of the business processes that may be achieved with SelMatic’s software solutions.  

The next stage is preparation of written ERP implementation project with detail description of client’s business processes and the appropriate to them software functionalities. Inherent part of the project is both parties accepted schedule with time line for all activities to be fulfilled.

It is also important to determine the engaged in the implementation participants from vendor’s part (such as consultants, IT support professionals and etc.) as well as project manager and key experts from client’s part.

All activities concerning ERP SelMatic Plus installation and adaptation are processed as established and practically proven methodology and way of ERP implementation.

All trainings for software applications usage are held through the implementation itself, in appropriate time, without any interference in client’s common business duties.  

After conclusion of all implementation and training activities, the client organization proceeds with test of ERP system functionalities in real work conditions. Obligatory stage is the acceptance of ERP SelMatic Plus as suitable for initiation in exploitation system as correspondent to the preliminary defined criteria.

Software development

We offer highly customizable software solutions appropriate to each client’s individual requirements. Standard, ready to use software functionalities often are insufficient to ensure specific processes or logics in business organization. As to respond to the dynamic in business growth our software professionals team develops additional functionalities to ERP SelMatic Plus.  

With the assistance of our consultants such enlarged functionalities necessity is identified through profound analyses of each process and requirements.

A blueprint is prepared with detail descriptions of all requirements and effect from the additional software development. As usually all is proceed as a project with strict terms for execution.   


Assure important competitive advantage with flexible, highly customizable ERP system for software management of all specific business requirements unlike mass, ready to use solutions with restricted functional abilities.

Return of investment in ERP system which is to evaluate simultaneously with the business growth. All SelMatic’s software solutions are organized as a module system with ability for up-building with additional or enlarged functionalities.

Guaranteed short terms for realization of each new request as our software and business consulting teams are always available to react – our software development services are not depended on any third parties. 

Custom–made software development

Besides evaluation of SelMatic’s software solutions we also provide outsource of software development.

We develop custom-made software on third companies’ demand - interested in the potential of our developers with attitude to safe expenses for hiring software developers in their own organizations.  

As an example for successful project for outsource of software development is our mutual work with Ireland IT Company MALLON TECHNOLOGY LTD for development of Diamond Firesoftware, designated to serve local building control authorities, as well as development of other different modules on Mallon’s demand.

SelMatic IT

Business and technical support of SelMatic’s software solutions

Our unified call center is for business and technical support of SelMatic’s software solutions as well as to provide IT services.

Due to remote on-line access technologies our support services cover any remote clients’ location.

No obligatory annual support taxes – our clients may choose between subscribed support services (available 356 day, covering client’s business hours in accordance to each contract provisions) or “incidental support services” – used when needed. 

Your company relay on up-to-date, high-tech software solutions for business management and control with permanent real-time support.  

Thrust that your ERP system working capacity is protected and guaranteed.

 Easy and quick access of your employees to SelMatic’s IT professionals when any assistance is needed. 

Outsource of IT services

Consultations for buying most proper hardware – on client’s demand our IT professionals perform market monitoring to report most proper correlation between hardware technical characteristics and price levels.

Building of IT infrastructure and IT strategy, including networks, VPN portals, e-mail servers, internal communication portals etc.

System administration of domain controllers, active directory, e-mail servers (incl. Microsoft Exchange), Sharepoint, Google Apps and others.

Installation and support of OS and system software.


Relay on our team of qualified IT professionals experienced in providing high-tech services.

We use best practices for IT infrastructure building.

Unified center for real-time support services.

Safe salary expenses for not hiring IT expert in your own organization. Thus you do not have to depend on  events like leaves and sick-leaves of your employees.

We work with reliable partners – suppliers of hardware.